Inside Athletics : Mission Statement

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To guide and support our students in their pursuit of academic, athletic, and social excellence
A thriving athletic program that develops academic and athletic champions, builds spirit and pride on campus and in the community.
Five core values guide and govern our actions at all times and in all our affairs.  They define “what we stand for” and “what we won’t stand for.”  They include:
1. Respect
We treat ourselves and others with dignity, kindness, and respect.
2. Service
We are here to help.  Our students, coaches, and staff are involved in the community and take pride in giving back.
3. Integrity
We do the right thing!
4. Sportsmanship
We enjoy winning, but take great pride in winning the right way.
5. Excellence
We will excel academically, athletically, and socially.  On a daily basis we expect to improve, rise up, and surpass expectations.