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University Goals, Mission, Vision, and Values


That is, our history as Purdue University Northwest (PNW) goes only back to 2014!

On February 26, 2014, Purdue University announced a plan to unify the administration of the university’s two northwest Indiana campuses, Purdue Calumet and Purdue North Central. On July 18, 2014, the Purdue Board of Trustees approved Purdue University Northwest as the name of the unified Calumet and North Central campuses. Dr. Thomas Keon, Chancellor of Purdue Calumet, was appointed Chancellor-Designate of Purdue Northwest on November 20, 2015.

Unification was completed on July 1, 2016. Purdue Northwest is now a comprehensive university enrolling more than 10,500 students, employing more than 1,500 faculty and staff, and offering more than 70 graduate and undergraduate programs of study on two campuses.


Purdue University Northwest, in the land grant tradition of learning, discovery, and engagement, provides high quality, affordable undergraduate and graduate education to students of Northwest Indiana and beyond. We create a welcoming environment that promotes critical inquiry through experimental learning, faculty scholarship, civic engagement and community partnerships.


Purdue University Northwest will be the institution of choice of Northwest Indiana and beyond as the center for education, innovation, and economic development and culture.


The students, faculty, staff, alumni and entire Purdue University Northwest community:

  • Excellence in all we do.
  • A culture that supports growth and success for students, faculty and staff.
  • A welcoming, collegial environmentthat fosters inclusion and celebrates diversity.
  • International perspectives and global engagement.
  • Partnerships throughout greater northwest Indiana.
  • Honesty and integrity, adhering to the highest ethical standards of personal and professional behavior; and 
  • Continuous pursuit of knowledge. 

Department of Intercollegiate Athletics Statement of Philosophy Vision, Mission, and Core Values

The students, faculty, staff, alumni and entire Purdue University Northwest (PNW) community embody a commitment to excellence in all that we do. Accordingly, the mission of PNW athletics is to guide and support our students in their pursuit of academic, athletic, and social excellence. The guiding principle behind Purdue Northwest’s participation in intercollegiate athletics is our belief in its educational value for our students. Therefore, through intercollegiate athletics we look to advance learning, develop leadership skills, foster personal growth and play an important role in creating a sense of community.

As members of the NCAA Division II and the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Association, the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics believes in the following core values of Intercollegiate athletics at PNW that guide and govern our actions at all times and in all our affairs. They define “what we stand for” and they include:

Respect - We treat ourselves and others with dignity, kindness, and respect.

Service - We are here to help. Our students, coaches, and staff are involved in the community and take pride in giving back.

Integrity - We do the right thing!

Sportsmanship - We enjoy winning, but take great pride in winning the right way.

Excellence - We excel academically, athletically, and socially. On a daily basis, we expect to improve, rise up, and surpass expectations.

Understanding these core values assist us in each of the following key areas:

Academic Excellence 

PNW student athletes are “students first and athletes second.” Our mission is for our students to receive an outstanding education, make satisfactory progress towards a degree and ultimately, graduate from Purdue Northwest. Additionally, our goal is to graduate our student-athletes at a higher rate than the overall student body.

Athletic Excellence 

Our mission defines expectations both on the field and off. In the name of excellence, PNW’s goal is to win conference and national championships. We enjoy winning, but take great pride in winning the right way and exhibiting sportsmanship.

Student-Athlete Experience

Purdue University Northwest takes great pride in the academic, athletic, and overall development and maturation of PNW student athletes. We recognize the demands placed on student athletes and are committed to providing support, mentoring, and guidance to help balance these demands while fostering personal growth.  Student athletes are also expected to adhere to a level of conduct that brings credit to themselves and the University while upholding the values of citizenship and service. PNW is strongly committed to the Principles of Conduct of Intercollegiate Athletics as defined in the NCAA Division II Manual, the NCAA DII Philosophy Statement and the "Life in the Balance" Strategic Positioning Platform.


At PNW, as is defined in our athletic diversity plan, we value diversity and inclusion, so that all members of our program feel respected and have a sense of belonging. We encourage and celebrate the unique contributions and recognize that we will perform at a higher level when we are all working toward a common goal and a shared vision of the future. 

Community Engagement 

PNW offers intercollegiate athletic events as a means of partnership with the broader campus community, Northwest Indiana and beyond. Our student-athletes and coaches regularly give back in meaningful ways and are provided opportunities to be outstanding citizens, leaders, and contributors in the community.  The objective of our community engagement is for our student-athletes, coaches and staff to build relationships that bring regional constituents to our Hammond and Westville campuses.  Quite simply, we invite, gather and engage the PNW community to participate in our programs, competitions and success in a meaningful way. 

Our Athletics program is a mechanism to demonstrate pride in our university, community, ourselves and one another.  As an integral part of the overall mission of PNW, the Department of Athletics will lead the campus community to develop a greater sense of shared identity, create a common rallying point, and enhance the collegiate experience.

Accordingly, the PNW Athletics Vision, Mission, and Departmental Roles and Responsibilities are:


A thriving athletic program that develops academic and athletic champions, builds spirit and pride on campus and in the community


To guide and support our students in their pursuit of academic, athletic, and social excellence

Departmental Roles and Responsibilities

Within the Department of Athletics, all our actions are in alignment with and supportive of the educational mission and strategic plan of the University. As such, we serve in two important roles:

       As Teachers, we…

  • have a complementary role as teachers within the educational setting.
  • teach an array of lessons and skill sets including, but are not limited to:   Accountability - Community Outreach and Volunteerism - Competitive Excellence - Discipline - Diversity and Inclusion - Goal Setting - Individual Responsibility - Leadership - Learning from Mistakes - Persistence - Problem Solving - Teamwork - Time Management - Winning Work Ethic
  • are honored to be part of a process of guiding, inspiring and supporting our student-athletes to use their talents and gifts in their quest for excellence – academically, athletically, and socially.

Invite, Gather, and Engage a Community 

  • We invite, gather and engage the Purdue University Northwest community to participate in our programs, competitions and success in a meaningful way
  • We provide positive visibility and instill pride for the University
  • Above all else, we celebrate our graduates, leaders and friends of the University