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The following are some of the services provided by the sports medicine team and/or the Purdue University Northwest Athletic Department. The list is not all inclusive but merely an overview of the services provided to Purdue Northwest athletes.

1. Annual physical examination and completion of standard physical form.

2. Practice and home game coverage by certified trainer.

3. Training room services provided by certified trainer to coincide with sport team practice times.

4. Anecdotal records of treatment of injuries and preventative measures.

5. Counsel and education in the prevention of injuries and chronic pain due to athletic participation.

6. Materials and equipment necessary to adequately treat and/or prevent injury.

7. Insurance coverage for medical expenses which may incur as a result of participation in sports. The coverage provided is termed “secondary coverage.” Detailed information on insurance can be found on subsequent pages.

The use of the training room is available to student-athletes. All athletes should follow sign-in procedures for training room usage as designated by the trainer.

The use of the Fitness Center is also available to student-athletes for rehabilitation and conditioning purposes. Athletes should follow procedures set forth for team members by Fitness Center personnel.

Athletic Insurance Information

Purdue University Northwest offers secondary coverage for medical expenses you may incur as a result of participation in the intercollegiate athletic program at Purdue University Northwest. A secondary carrier will consider payment of bills for expenses only after all medical expenses have been submitted to the primary insurance carrier (your insurance or your family’s).

To provide efficient and expedient processing of all medical claims submitted to the University insurance carrier, it is imperative that athletes follow the steps outlined below:

1. All athletes must have on file the form entitled “Other Insurance Questionnaire.” This for must be filled out at the beginning of the school year prior to athletic participation by any athlete. This form is available from Rhonda Lanfear in the Athletic Office.

2. Any injury incurred due to participation in intercollegiate athletics is to be reported immediately to the coach or athletic trainer. No injury is insignificant. Please advise the trainer or coach of chronic symptoms also as they may be indicative of a medical problem requiring attention at a later date. To better service an insurance claim in such a situation, records showing early signs or the onset of the problem are very helpful.

3. If the injury is severe enough to require medical treatment, you must first file the claim with your primary insurance.

4. If you have any outstanding bills after your insurance has acted upon the claim, come to the Athletic Office and see Rhonda Lanfear between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Mrs. Lanfear will provide you with the proper forms and instructions for filing with Purdue’s insurance carrier. Please retain all paperwork received from your insurance carrier and itemized bills from the doctor as they will be needed for filing with Purdue’s insurance.